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This page provides answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding erWin.

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Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions



1. How much does erWin cost?

The price for erWin depends on your selected subscription. There are three types of subscriptions: one day, one month, or one year.

2. How do I get my password?

The password will be sent to your email address shortly after successful registration.

3. Forgot your password?

Click on Password Forgotten?. Follow the instructions and click Submit. You will receive a new password by email, which you can change again once you log in.

4. Log in failed?

Verify the correct entry of your email address and password. The password is case sensitive.

5. Problems with Acrobat Reader

To use erWin you need Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. You also need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have problems opening and viewing PDF documents in erWin, verify the following:

6. The document can be opened, but only one page is legible.

Using older versions of Acrobat Reader can result in problems when reading documents. Please install the latest version of the Acrobat Reader.

7. Can I use erWin with other browsers?

ErWin currently supports only Internet Explorer. Other browsers may work, but are not officially supported.

8. Why can order forms not be opened?

For opening order forms you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

9. How often is erWin updated?

erWin is updated continuously.

10. What can I do when my documents can no longer be opened despite an active subscription?

11. What is the time span between order and activation?

Usually only a few seconds.

12. I can’t purchase a subscription

Could be a credit card security issue. Check with you credit card issuer.

13. Can you provide me an ID to get into the service site?

Go to the site and register under “my erWin” on the home page and you can set up your own ID.

14. (Canada) The system will not allow me to enter a province name instead of a state.

Canada and Mexico users register by providing only country and zip code. The state list is static and contains only the US states. Therefore it should be left empty. The Canada zip code has the following pattern: A1A 1A1 where A is (nearly) any letter and 1 is any number. Don’t forget the space
between third and fourth character.

15. I am looking for Unpacking and Setup Instructions for VAS 6150C Diagnostic Laptop.

Look in the Special tools section. Go to guided search, pick a vehicle and follow the drop downs to special tools. The set up instructions are there.
Free of charge.

16. Will Setup instructions work with I.E. 8?


17. I’m having troubles with programing and would like some assistance.

There are instructions on the home page under the “reprogramming” heading.

18. Will a subscription work with a blue streak electronics J-2534 global programmer to program immobilizer?

Yes a blue streak will work for certain model years. Please read the information on reprogramming on the home page.

19. Can I adapt keys and immobilizers on a 2009 with erWin on the PC or is only 2010 and newer?

Yes you may be able to do some 2009s with the on-line software. This program requires registration. Please read the instructions under reprogramming on the home page.

20. Can a 2001 VW beetle can be reprogrammed using this site with the Snap-On j2534...we installed a used ECM and the vehicle starts and stalls due to the immobilizer system.

For that model you would need a factory scan tool to reset the immobilizer. The pass thru application started in 2005 model.

21. I would like instructions how to download and use the program to adapt Audi CVT transmission TCM.

Please refer to “reprogramming” on the home page for instructions.

22. Can we code any Volkswagens?

Depending on the year of vehicle you may need a factory scan tool to do that procedure.

23. Is the charge that I will pay to program a module for one day only $35 or are there other charges that will apply?

There is a registration fee of $100.00 to get the credentials, and then there is a subscription of $500 per brand per year. You also need specific equipment. You can read about it under Vehicle Diagnostics on the home page.

24. How much does an erWin subscription cost?

Please have a look at the purchase subscription page.

25. I have registered and have paid three separate times for a subscription. It still wants to me to purchase a subscription again and I still cannot get the info after doing so two additional times now.

I believe it is your credit card blocking the transactions. This sometimes happens. Credit card issuers look at off shore purchases (Germany) as a security risk. AMEX does this routinely. We suggest you contact your credit card provider.

26. My subscription ran out and I need to renew. I am a certified Audi repair shop and this service is included in my fees.

(Apply 1100 credits to user’s account) You now have credit. Just select a one year subscription and the credit will be applied.

27. How many workstations can we run off of one subscription?

You can run it on any computer but they can only access it one at a time. There are no multi user subscriptions.

28. I’ve ready bought a VAS subscription but we cannot use it because it tells me you don’t have a valid subscription license.

The reprogramming system requires registration and security IDs needed to access a secure server. You can read the instructions on the home page under Reprogramming.

29. I am interested in getting service information for late model VW and Audi cars. It appears you are subscription based. Is a subscription for all VW and Audi Available or by individual cars or?

The subscriptions are separate for VW and Audi. The cost is $35 /day, $250/ month and $1500 a year. A subscription gives you access to all Service Information for all cars at least 15 years back some further, to 1996.

30. I cannot read any repair procedures on this website, everything is blank. When I try to open this document I just get a red X

If you are using Firefox there is a known issue. (Send procedure to IRF or ask them to switch to explorer.

31. I am registered to the site. I cannot seem to locate the technical documents, or get access to them; I have purchased a one day subscription.

Go to search on the home page. Use guided search, select a vehicle, Year, etc. 4 drop downs total.

32. It is almost exclusively VW brand cars. Is the information for a 2014 Audi A4 found on this website?

Please visit the Audi erWin site:

33. When I pull information it is not giving it to me in English.

Please check you adobe version. See “About erWin” for the recommended adobe version.

34. I am trying to download and it’s telling me I need a session number.

You must be referring to net viewer. This is only needed for VAS scan tool support.